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What are 1099’s and Why Do I Need to Know?

The most dreaded 4 numbers in all of accounting would have to be 1-0-9-9. Most independent contractors and self-employed individuals are privy to these notorious IRS tax forms, however, small business owners may not be aware of their responsibilities for filing a 1099.   The tax Form 1099-MISC is used by the IRS to track revenue for all individuals, companies and organizations who are required...
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Tis the Season for Employee Gifts

Tis the season of giving! It is that time of year where you want to show your hard-working employees how much you appreciate them. However, what should you get them? The easiest and most common gift is money, but is it taxable? The answer is yes. What about the latest iPad? Still, yes.   Almost any gift you give your employee(s) is subject to income...
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Holiday Budget 101

  Expenses   The first step of sticking to a Holiday budget is creating a list of all possible expenses. This would include anything as small as wrapping paper to the tree or travel expenses. It is not just about gifts, you have to think of the small stuff as well.   Limit   Depending on your income and any debt you must pay, you...
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#1: Helping Dollars Make Sense

Welcome to “Helping Dollars Make Sense!” the official blog for JB Financial Associates! We are so excited to interact with you, our online community, while hopefully helping dollars make a lot more sense. Here at JB Financial Associates we pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients that are both beneficial to their business and every day life. It is our goal to educate and...
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