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Have you set your budget?

What would happen to your business if you never set-up a budget — ever If you’re like a lot of small business owners, you’ve probably wondered why setting up a yearly budget is that important. Maybe you’ve decided that cash flow monitoring and forecasting is something you would rather put off for now. You’d rather spend your time creating the next best widget. In truth,...
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Why you should be tax planning NOW

Five reasons business owners fail at tax planning and how you can avoid being one of them Tax planning is a growing problem for small businesses. Fortunately, however, business owners don’t have to suffer from the stresses and strains of tax planning once they know how to prepare themselves in advance.  That’s what you’ll learn about in this blog. Specifically, you’ll learn why it’s essential...
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Checking your bank balance is not enough!

Last week focused on the key to being ready for unseen issues that arise; that is preparation and organization of your financial paperwork.  Today, I would like to like to address what to do with that financial information and why it is vitally important to keep it organized.  A financial program or app is a necessity. Checking your bank balance online every day is not...
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This is NOT about COVID-19

This short article is however about a blind spot you may have found in your business as a result of the global pandemic we were thrust into.
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Is Bookkeeping a priority?

As bookkeepers, we think this one is a huge mistake! According to the Small Business Administration, 28 percent of companies go bankrupt due to problems with the financial structure of the company. However, many of the problems could have been avoided by establishing good accounting practices.  The biggest practice that can save your business is to record everything. From a coffee bought during a business...
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