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#1: Helping Dollars Make Sense

Welcome to “Helping Dollars Make Sense!” the official blog for JB Financial Associates! We are so excited to interact with you, our online community, while hopefully helping dollars make a lot more sense.

Here at JB Financial Associates we pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients that are both beneficial to their business and every day life. It is our goal to educate and inform our clients as much as we can. During this rebranding process we wanted to be sure to deliver some additional tools to be able to accomplish that goal! Bookkeeping; Training; Consulting; and Placement are pillars of our business and allow us to be a partner to all people we encounter.

Our new services include:

  1. Advanced Reporting for all existing and new clients should they elect the service. This will allow even more detailed reports to be given to our clients as it relates to their account. Through these detailed reports we will work together with clients to identify up to 8 key performance indicators customized for your business.
  2. Consultation Programs: With these programs we will be teaching clients how to work within QuickBooks software. We will provide a custom QuickBooks Manual as well hands on training with either QuickBooks Desktop or Online.
  3. Placement Services: JB Financial Associates will now help you find your next in-house Bookkeeper; Accounts Receivable; Accounts Payable; or Payroll personnel. The candidate will not be an employee of JB Financial Associates. The candidate will be an employee of the entity requesting the services. All payroll, benefits, and anything else offered to the employee will come directly from the client whom they will be working for permanently.  In the interim, a member of the JB Financial Associates team can adhere to the day to day responsibilities for the client up to and until a full-time person is secured.


In honor of this being our first initial blog, lets start off with some trivia! E-mail your response to info@jbfinassoc.com for the opportunity to win a Stadium Blanket!


Trivia Question:

How much will the typical married couple retiring at age 65 spend on out-of-pocket costs for health care throughout retirement (in today’s dollars)?


  1. $50,000
  2. $100,000
  3. $157,000
  4. $200,000
  5. $266,000
  6. $330,000


Stay tuned for more trivia and giveaways coming your way!


-The Team at JB Financial Associates

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